Winds of Change

She shivers as a cool breeze rides in on the warm dry air.  Clouds gather and the scent of a distant rain is the air. 

Circumstances brought an unexpected storm into her life. Everything is different now.  The field where she and Sugar played no longer excites her. Play has lost its luster.

Clinging to a few remaining constants, she considers the life she knew.  The homestead, her beloved Sugar, the fields where they would play.  It feels different now.

As the clouds blow in she knows this is a season of change.

There Is Always Hope

Sometimes an image comes out of nowhere – not planned or deeply contemplated, it just emerges. That is exactly the case with this one. So much so I couldn’t even put a title to it. It always puzzles me when this happens and I begin searching for its origins – it usually has to do with my own emotions.

This year I have faced a series of difficulties, none of them disastrous, but each setting me back. At times it seems like I am running through darkness, maybe a tunnel or an alley. My legs are tired and it is difficult to make progress, like running through water.

I believe this image is my own artistic encouragement to myself. Though the situation may feel dark with narrow walls, and my feet may feel heavy, make the best of the situation, and play in the water.

The Power of Books

I have been going through my collection of books and trying to decide what to keep and what to give away. I am a little better parting with the non-fiction, but I find it difficult to say good-bye to the places I once roamed while reading the fictional creation of a talented author. I can still see the beaches from Treasure Island, smell the stench of streets in Tale of Two Cities, feel the empty confinement of On the Beach.

And, if the stories cannot sufficiently sustain their grasp on my soul, the books themselves seem to cry out for preservation. As I read the works of Hemmingway, I found notes scribbled in the margins by my grandfather decades ago, I smell the age of the yellowing pages and feel the worn bindings. Yes, I will keep this one.

Perhaps I will keep them all.  Maybe I will read them again one day.

The above image received Honorable Mention in the May 2019 from a Shift Art Fantasy Challenge. Shift Art promotes the creation of Digital Art.