Tribute to Kandinsky

One of my favorite masters is Wassily Kandinsky.  I first met his art at the Guggenheim in New York.  His work was large and presented in a ground floor display.  Kandinsky was one of the early pioneers of abstract art, and even today his work is distinctive. Like most artists his work morphed with time and various influences. 

I particularly like the work he did in the 1920’s .  During that time he used a lot of negative space with well organized colorful shapes interacting as if they are in a well-rehearsed dance.

When my art group announced an upcoming exhibit dedicated to art inspired by the masters, I knew I had to have a go at Kandinsky.  This image titled, “Inspired by Kandinsky: Jazz”, reflects the dance I see in his images and plays tribute to his use of color and negative space.  It was fun to create and the colorful interplay brought happiness to my heart.

Who is your favorite master, and have you ever paid tribute to his/her work?

“Inspired by Kandinsky: Jazz” now on display with the Visual Art League of Lewisville North Hallway exhibit at the Lewisville Grand, 100 N. Charles through June 5.

If you want to research some of Kandinsky’s work check out these…

  • Several circles, 1926,
  • Soft Hard, 1927
  • Composition VIII Invitations
  • Delicate Tension No. 85

Earth, Wind, Water and Fire

Like so many others I find myself with more time to think this year. More time to think, to appreciate, to ponder , question, understand.

Last week I was reading about natural elements. The concept goes back much further than I had realized, and perhaps it was Aristotle who first named the four basic elements. There is some interesting discussion on various Greek philosophies, for a quick refresher, and some fun experiments check out: Home Science Tools.


I digress, another symptom associated with increased isolation.


Today’s offering is a small collection representing personification of these four elements. Earth (which I call Terra), Wind (they call the wind Mariah), Water (Acqua) and Fire (I have named her Blaze).




Catch Me When I Fall

I am a sinner, regardless of my intentions, sometimes I fall.  To be honest, it doesn’t take me by surprise.  I sense the warnings but am too proud to reach for the handrails. I’ve got this.  I don’t need help.

Then it happens, I fall.

Confidently, I ask again for forgiveness, knowing He will send his guardians to my rescue.  He is always there to Catch Me When I Fall.3rd rev Catch Me When I Fall final small

There Is Always Hope

Sometimes an image comes out of nowhere – not planned or deeply contemplated, it just emerges. That is exactly the case with this one. So much so I couldn’t even put a title to it. It always puzzles me when this happens and I begin searching for its origins – it usually has to do with my own emotions.

This year I have faced a series of difficulties, none of them disastrous, but each setting me back. At times it seems like I am running through darkness, maybe a tunnel or an alley. My legs are tired and it is difficult to make progress, like running through water.

I believe this image is my own artistic encouragement to myself. Though the situation may feel dark with narrow walls, and my feet may feel heavy, make the best of the situation, and play in the water.