Leaving It All Behind

Do you ever get tired of carrying all that baggage around?  Where does it come from?  Well, some comes from our childhood – the well-meant corrections of our parents later become the bulky reminders we carry for life.  And what about those “expectations” we carry around, the perfect house the perfect life that we post on Instagram.

Then there is the trunk I carry around.  Stuff I have picked up along the way.  Willingly, I carry around the weight of my self-imposed self-improvements. How heavy that baggage becomes.

Maybe it is time to Leave It All Behind.

As special thank you to my model, Marissa.

Winds of Change

She shivers as a cool breeze rides in on the warm dry air.  Clouds gather and the scent of a distant rain is the air. 

Circumstances brought an unexpected storm into her life. Everything is different now.  The field where she and Sugar played no longer excites her. Play has lost its luster.

Clinging to a few remaining constants, she considers the life she knew.  The homestead, her beloved Sugar, the fields where they would play.  It feels different now.

As the clouds blow in she knows this is a season of change.