Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery

In Chelsea the first Thursday in each month is known as Gallery Crawl.  Most galleries in the area open their doors, provide offerings of cheese and wine, and promote their latest exhibits to the world.  It is a fun evening for the serious buyer or the casual observer who just wants the free wine.

Thursday, August 2 is my turn to participate.  I have eight pieces appearing in a show, Expressions of Life, at the Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery in Chelsea.  For me, this is a big event.

Opening Night is Thursday Aug 2, 6:00-8:00PM.  The show will run through August. If you are in the area we would love to meet you.  The gallery is located 547 W. 27th street in Chelsea, NYC.


Architectural Mix

Walking the sidewalks, I am frequently stunned as I look up to see the next new skyscrapers shining high above the century old flats, the surrounding structures reflecting on their glassy skins.

Focused on the architectural mix, my mind soon wanders to the stories the aging buildings could tell, the fate of their future, and the lives that are connected to them.  Then, looking up to the new structures I wonder what they will be like when they become the old and something new is replacing them.

Our lives are all connected then and now.  Shared memories, a common view slightly altered, the sidewalks we walk.

Looking at these buildings I wonder who is/was/will be on the other side of the window.